1. This document ("Agreement") sets out the "Terms and Conditions" between DM Planet LLP and You ( "Partner"). By submitting the application to be a partner of DM Planet you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

    Commission means the sums that are payable by DM Planet to partners and affiliates in accordance with Clause 4.
    External site means an external site, from which the Partner sends traffic to the site, placed on the server of our company.
    Lead is a registration approved by the DM Planet moderators.
    As the Partner has the possibility to edit the index page of the Site of a Partner, he can place links to other sites – Link sites.
    Member is an end user of DM Planet services joined through the partner web-sites or affiliate banners associated with the partner account.
    Partner is a person who registered on DM Planet white label and affiliate network.
    Promotional tools are tools developed by DM Planet and provided to partners and affiliates in order to facilitate promotion of their web-sites and affiliate campaigns.
    Sale is a payment of a member on DM Planet system.
    Term means the period from the date of this Agreement until its termination .
    Web-site is a website set up by the partner or by DM Planet for the partner that is hosted by DM Planet including the database of member information and other information accessible on this website. It can be created either on sub-domain of one of DM Planet domains or on the domain name belonging to the partner in which case the partner agrees to delegate this domain to DM Planet with the partner ownership remaining in place.

  3. DM Planet obligations and payouts
    1. Once the Partner completed the registration form on affiliate sites of DM Planet the partner can create his websites on sub-domains of one of DM Planet domains or on the domain names belonging to him using the special wizard free of charge.
    2. While this agreement remains in force DM Planet shall host and provide administration services for the partner website and customer support services to the partner website members. DM Planet shall pay the partner commission on payments made to DM Planet by by members. The commission rates can be changed from time to time by DM Planet.
    3. Partner shall provide accurate information for the payment to be made by DM Planet. DM Planet takes no responsibility for the commission collection problems due to the misspellings of partner details by the partner in the Wallet section of administration area.
    4. If a client is doing a chargeback for the service of the site, then the balance of a Partner is cut down to 50% of the sum of the chargeback. Sums deductible from commission may be deducted from later payments.
    5. The payment are processed on 15th day of every month (if this day is a day off or holiday, then payment will be done on the first working day that follows). The sum of the balance at the end of the previous month makes the sum of the payment.
      The payments are send when the sum reaches
      1. Paypal – 100$ for Paypal, the cost of money transfer is 7.5%
      2. Payoneer – 50$ for Payoneer, the cost of money transfer is 3.5%
      3. Webmoney WMZ – 25$ for Webmoney WMZ, the cost of money transfer is 14.65%
      4. Wire (bank transfer) - 1000$, the cost of money transfer 120 EUR
    6. This text in Russian.
      Выплата производится 15 го числа каждого месяца (если это день приходится на выходной или праздничный день, то выплата переносится на первый последующий рабочий день). Выплата производится в размере суммы на балансе на конец предыдущего месяца.
      Условия выплаты
      1. Paypal – от 100$, стоимость пересылки 7.5%
      2. Payoneer – от 50$, стоимость пересылки 3.5%
      3. Webmoney WMZ – от 25$, стоимость пересылки 14.65%
      4. Wire (банковский перевод) – от 1000$, стоимость пересылки 120 EUR
    7. If the partner uses their own domain name and their domain name moves away from DM Planet system, DM Planet reserves the right to holdback all outstanding payments for up to 6 months. This is to cover for any chargebacks that DM Planet may receive due to service interruption, following the domain moving away from its system.
    8. DM Planet reserves the right to move profiles from web-sites where the domain name is no longer pointing to DM Planet system over to another site on its system that is part of the same database.
    9. To apply for a Payoneer pre-paid Master card if you are over the age of 18 you need to click on a link Payoneer Pre-paid Master Card from your affiliate panel, confirm your personal data, your mailing address and telephone there and attach ID of your paper (the passport or the drivers' license). If your application approve then Payoneer will send you the card to your home. (The prepaid MasterCard card works just like any other prepaid MasterCard card. The card is accepted at locations worldwide, wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at point of sale locations to make purchases, whether online or at retail locations. You can also use the prepaid MasterCard card at ATMs* worldwide to withdraw cash. With the added security of choosing your own PIN, you can be assured of no unauthorized use of your card.

  4. DM Planet commisions
    1. DM Planet will pay commission to the Partner on net receipts received through partner web-sites or affiliate campaigns or advertising placed on partner web-sites and in e-mails. The commisions are 50% from all payments for membership.
    2. 15% from all payments to web-masters, attracted by the Partner to this affiliate program (2 tier system)
    3. DM Planet will pay additionally commisions 10 cents for each confirmed registration (This is the full list of the countries the men registration from which can be paid for : Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America. The list of countries where the women registration is paid for: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova ).

  5. Prohibitions
    1. Partner represents and warrants that all information that it provided in connection with becoming an Partner of DM Planet is true and complete. If DM Planet determines or has reason to believe, that any information provided by Partner is not true and/or complete, DM Planet may immediately terminate Partner's participation with respect to the DM Planet website.
    2. Partner can only have 1 account. He can list multiple domains in one account, but only one account is allowed.
    3. You cannot SPAM. We will terminate your account on the first offense of SPAMMING. Do not send email to lists or groups that you do not have permission to send to.
    4. Any attempts of fraud will result in membership termination and voided commisions (fraud is any action that intentionally attempts to create sales and leads using scripts or manually for the sole purpose of creating commissions. )
    5. Partner cannot copy text from their web-site if it is taken from DM Planet template to use on any other website or a site provided by another company.
    6. Domain name, web-site name and content must not be considered offensive or adult. Partner shall not include words and titles that could be considered offensive, demeaning, adult or inflammatory.
    7. Partner web-site including the domain name or sub-domain must not infringe on any trademarks. Offending sites will be deleted from the system without any notice.
    8. External sites and Link sites should not have illegal material, escorts, erotic massage and prostitution.
    9. It is prohibited to use the payment details of another person.
    10. It is prohibited to pass the account from one person to another person.
    11. It is prohibited to use domains, which do not belong to the account's owner.
    12. Partner cannot copy text or templates from web-sites of other Partners in DM Planet system to use on any their web-site.

    Failure to abide by these rules could mean termination from a given DM Planet program, or from DM Planet completely with a complete forfeit of commissions.

    1. DM Planet will provide an interface through which partner will be able to create dating website free of charge.
    2. If the partner requires any additional development services by DM Planet charges or minimum traffic requirements may apply.
    3. DM Planet is responsible for regular email communication with partner members: provision of login details upon registration, promotional emails and offers in order to encourage membership upgrades.
    4. At no time may the partner offer or advertise any discount, bonus, incentive, or similar in respect of the DM Planet services or use their web-site for getting free or discounted membership without DM Planet prior written consent.
    5. DM Planet will carry out customer support services for the partner members.
    6. To protect member privacy all customer records and data relating to members (including identity) registering via partner dating site, as well as existing members of partner dating site will be owned by DM Planet and will not be provided to the partner .
    7. The price charged for the partner web-site services will be determined at the sole discretion of DM Planet according to its then current pricing policies and may be modified from time to time to maximize conversion and retention rates. Partner will be able to choose the pricing model according to their market from the options available during web-site creation process.
    8. DM Planet will be responsible for processing member payments and for renewals, cancellations, refunds, etc. DM Planet may reject any payment that does not comply with its rules, operating procedures and/or policies, or the rules and policies of DM Planet payment services providers.
    9. Partner may become member of their web-site and use DM Planet services in accordance with general membership rules. But he is not entitled for commissions for his payments.
    10. Partner may not add services to their web-site that would confuse the customer into thinking that payments to DM Planet would include the services offered by the partner (or any other third party), or that these services are provided by DM Planet.
    11. DM Planet reserves the right to change the content on partner web-site should DM Planet receive any complaints or navigation problems.

    1. The partner agrees that DM Planet shall obtain and use partner personal information in accordance with this agreement for as long as it may be required for legitimate purposes.
    2. Other parties may also obtain this information if they have legitimate reason for doing so .
    3. Partner will have access to the partner administration area and will be able to change the partner personal information that is stored in DM Planet database.
    4. The owner of the site takes all responsibility for breaking the law and author’s right on External sites, and Web-sites of a Partner (in the case, he edited the index page).

    1. This agreement is effective as soon as the application to the DM Planet is submitted. This agreement may be terminated by either party with 1 month written notice.
    2. DM Planet reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately if the partner breaches any of these terms and conditions
    3. If DM Planet or partner terminates this partner agreement, DM Planet reserves the right to holdback all outstanding payments for up to 6 months.

    1. DM Planet reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions in this agreement at any time and in its sole discretion. If the partner does not agree with any changes the partner may terminate this agreement with immediate effect. The partner’s continued participation in the DM Planet Network shall constitute the partner’s binding acceptance of the change(s).
    2. DM Planet reserves the right to move profiles from web-sites where the domain name is no longer pointing to DM Planet system over to another site on its system that is part of the same database.

    1. Partner and DM Planet are independent parties and nothing in this agreement shall create any form of partnership, joint venture, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between the parties. Partner is solely responsible for any taxes due as a result of any commission earned. Partner will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on DM Planet’s behalf.
    2. Partner shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless DM Planet, and its directors, employees, other partners against any claim, demand, cause of action, debt or liability, including reasonable legal fees.
    3. Partner shall contact DM Planet using the contact details provided in partner administration interface.

  11. Domains removal. Automatic domains removal is done in the following cases:
    1. If an affiliator has not logged into his account for more than 6 months, then all the domains, where there were no logged users during the week are removed.
    2. If an affiliator has not logged into his account for more than 3 months and has not had any payments during this period, then all his domains of 3rd level which were provided to him for test purposes (w-rus.com, w-ru.com, g-rus.com, etc) are removed.
    3. If an affiliator has not logged into his account for more than 3 months, then all his domains of 3rd level which were provided to him for the test purposes (w-rus.com, w-ru.com, g-rus.com, etc) and where there have been no logged in users for a week are removed
    4. If the domain does not work without any valid reason (for example, because of the registrar lock) for more than a month, then it can be deleted from the affiliate network.

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