Why is your site better than links?

  1. For beginners
    1. This is the best way to begin- when you do not have your own other sites and you have nowhere to send traffic from. You can just register a new domain name and your site is ready!
    2. If you do not want to register your domain, you can use our domain of the third level, and this is free.
    3. Further you need just to add the site to Google, Yahoo and Msn, tell about it to your friends, add links to it in your blog at livejournal (of course, with description, how it is interesting here:) ).
    4. You are becoming the owner of your own project. If further, you want to enlarge your business in Internet, it becomes a good start.
  2. For SEO masters
    1. Links are impossible to promote in search engines.
    2. You can make unlimited number of sites and each of them optimize separately –You can change title, keywords,.description and the text of the index page and make it different for your different sites!
    3. If a user that likes your site tells about it to his friends, he will advertise YOUR site! All the new users that came from him, will be YOURS. And they will pay to you!
    4. In statistics you will find very detailed information, how many people have come, from what search engines and by what key words, how many of them register and how many of them paid. It shows effectiveness of optimization on different key words.
  3. For Web-master, that have project and traffic
    1. If you have successful project with a lot of traffic, then our program is a good way for you to enlarge and keep the audience of your site. For this you should just register a sub domain name of the third level and make links to it from you site.
    2. You can register several sites with different designs and experiment what is better (and change the design on the site accordingly).
    3. If a user that likes your site will tell about it to his friends, then he will advertise YOUR site! All the new users that came from him, will be YOURS. And they will pay to you!
    4. You are becoming an awner of your own NEW project. If usually it takes months of development (we continue to further work on this even now) and years of promoting so that the site has many active permanent users – here you receive all this for 5 minutes!

    Can I create several dating sites?

    Certainly, you can. And it is good. Then you have opportunity to experiment with designs, keywords etc.

    What measures can be taken against the site that uses the forbidden means of advertising?

    Each complaint on forbidden activity of the affiliate of the system will be looked into by specialists of the company. In the case when the rules of work in affiliate program were broken the account of the partner can be turned off.

    What banner nets can be places on the dating site?

    You can place any banner exchange nets with suitable formats of the banners, in which sites with adult-content and banners, where users are deceived about the content of the advertised site, do not take part.

    I send traffic from several different places. How can I learn the detailed statistics from where and how many people come to the site so that I could better evaluate effectiveness of my work?

    You need to create not a one link, but several links- then you can see detailed statistics by each of them. The number of links is not limited.

    How long does the cookie live at the user’s computer?

    We make it 1 year.