Dating site(s) with Russian women and Western men
Unlimited number of your own sites with your domain names
Unlimited number of affiliate links to our sites
Ability to edit interface design and unlimited SEO optimization
Detailed sites and web affiliate links statistics
Detailed search engine statistics
Commission of 50% from every subscription and 10 cents for every profile we approve
Two tier affiliate program
The highest payment rate in the market - for every six men that join our site one becomes a paid member


commission of 50% for every membership payment ($15 to $150)
commission of 10 cents for every girl's profile we approve
commission of 10 cents for every man who joins the site (only for men from US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand)
commission of 15% for every webmaster payment subscribed from your site (two tier affiliate program)


– twice a month if the sum earned exceeds 50USD. Means of payment - PayPal, Wire Transfer.(We can also send money by any possible for us method but the sum for transferring money is subtracted from your money).



      You get your own international dating sites with your domain names. You can change the interface design according to your own tastes and preferences. You are most welcome to have not one but several sites, which can be optimized for different keywords for search engines.
There is no special need in registering only second-level domain names. You can as well use third-level domain names

      For the second level domain names you do the DNS settings for your domain names yourself or point your domain names to our servers or as dns servers for your domain, where everything is already set, Then you can drive the traffic from your other projects to your dating site and promote it in the search engines.
There are several default interface designs available. You are free to introduce some visual changes to the design you choose or even make it totally different. As a bonus, you can place banners on your web site without any commission to our side.
      The number of sites you can get is unlimited. It is very convenient for SEO masters. This enables you to create the desired amount of web sites optimized for certain keywords. Moreover, it is possible to integrate your sites into your own system of reciprocal linking, which is also very useful. Our statistics is rather essential for SEO masters. You will be able to see the exact number of visitors who found the site through particular keywords in various search engines (for a particular day or over the month) and who of them registered at the site (and later upgraded their accounts).




      The simpliest affiliate program is a link to our sites. You can make unlimited number of affiliate links. That will enable you to try which one of the affiliate links is the most effective, placing them on various sites, web pages and banners.

What are the advantages of your own web site in comparison with affiliate links?

          1. For the beginners
      a. This is the only and best way to start, since you have no other sites, there is no place from which you can forward the traffic! Here you just register a new domain and your site is done!
      b. Farther, you should add your domain to Google, Yahoo or MSN or tell about it to your friends, or add the link in your blog posts.
      c. You become an owner of your own project. If you are planning to expand your Internet business, this is a brilliant start!
          2. For SEO masters
      a. There is no possibility to promote affiliate links through the search engines, while the web sites can be easiliy promoted.
      b. You can create unlimited number of sites. Each site can be optimized individually - you are able to change the title, keywords, description and the text on the main page. This stuff can be different for each particular site!
      c. If any of the visitor likes the site, he or she will tell friends about it. Thus it will be YOUR SITE advertised! All the new visitors who visited the site are YOURS! You will be the side to whom they pay!
      d. The statistics will provide you with the most detailed information on the number of people who visited your sites through particular search engines by certain keywords; the number of those who registered and then paid. This will show you the actual effectiveness of your optimization for various keywords.
          3. For webmasters with traffic
      a. If you already have a successful project with high attendance rate, our program is a great chance to increase and retain the audience of your site. For this purpose you should register a third-level subdomain and create a link to our site.
      b. You can register several web sites with different interface design and see which one of them is better for particular audience.
      c. If a visitor likes your site and tells his or her friends about it, your site is getting advertised! All the new visitors who see the site will be YOURS. And YOU will get paid!
      d. You become an owner of your own NEW project. Average web site requires long months of development and years of promotion to get enough active consistent users. Here you are able to get it all within several minutes!




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